Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And so it begins...

Welcome to my new blog. For many months this has been in the back of my mind as something that I wanted to attempt. As a recent graduate from Kennesaw State University, I have had more time on my hands than I am used to. With such freedom comes great responsi... er, the opportunity to expand my creative outlets. Hence, the creation of this blog. 

For as long as I can remember, I yearned to be in the kitchen. I recall being six years old, grabbing a stool so I could reach the stove top and setting a large pot of water on top to "boil." I would proceed to make the tastiest soup, consisting of a huge conglomeration of only the most superior ingredients (also known as my mom's old spices) that I found in our cabinets. Eager to share my new creation, I would serve it up for any who would indulge my whims.

Flash-forward about 6 years. Anyone remember the popular PBSkids show "Zoom?" I used to be addicted to that show. My favorite part was, you guessed it, the recipes they showed. I would watch and then run to the kitchen to divvy up my ingredients in separate bowls just so I could pretend I was on the show too. I would talk to the air as I added each carefully pre-measured element of my recipe. I dreamed of being on television and doing that for real one day.

In highschool, I was faced with answering the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" many times. My answer, while varying from time to time, always came back to food. Culinary school. I wanted to go to culinary school. Come graduation, however, the problem remained that Culinary school was too expensive. So, I decided after much deliberation that I needed to go get a bachelor's degree in something so I could save for Culinary school. That's when Kennesaw State came onto the scene and my new degree in English studies. My decision to study English came not from a love for teaching but rather a decided interest in writing and literature. If there was one thing growing up that rivaled my passion for food, it was my preoccupation with books.

So now here I am. A college graduate without a "real" job because if you don't want to be a teacher with an English degree, theeeeen... there is no hope. Just kidding. It just feels like it. I've unsuccessfully searched since January for something, anything and yet the coveted job remains elusive. I do still hope to get to culinary school someday and ultimately combine this passion I have for food with my degree in English and do food writing. That, however, is going to take hard work and plenty of patience. In the meantime, I want to share my passions with you, my readers. I am the designated baker in this family and will be sharing some of my favorites here as well as new recipes I discover, test, tweak and love. On the occasional day, I will be posting information about books I have read or am reading and what I am loving or not loving about them. For instance, I recently ordered The Making of a Chef: Mastering Heat at the Culinary Institute of America by Michael Rulhmann, set to arrive this Friday. And oh, I will be devouring that the moment it arrives on my doorstep.

That's all for now I suppose.

With high hopes for the future,